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Jerry's Unique Wood Creations

Jerry's Unique Wood Creations is the wholesale side of Jerry's workshop, where you can buy one of a kind natural wood materials. Wood Slabs, Log Mantles, Bar tops, Counter tops, stair treads, stair hand rails. Call or visit today to have Jerry discuss how you can add these unique natural wood touches to your home.

Once Jerry carefully selects just the right wood , from pine, poplar, sourwood and maple trees, he creates his next, unique piece of furniture. Using logs, he makes beautiful mantels, tables, cabinets and whatever else your heart desires.

Beautiful hand-made furniture and accessories made on site in Blue Ridge are available at Jerry's Mountain Furniture in Blue Ridge and The Mountain House in Blairsville. Also available are quality furniture, furnishings and accessories manufactured by Old Hickory, King Hickory, Marshfield, Eastern Accents and others.

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